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Emilia Clarke for Marie Claire

I really hope Brooke has, in some form, fashion back in her life. I don’t know what that will be, maybe it’s something small just in Tree Hill, or it could be something that would grow and be on a larger scale, I think it’s great if being married and having a kid fulfill you, but my personal belief for anyone in life is that you need to be fulfilled as an individual before you can let anything else complete you. And if you are like Brooke, married with kids, those things should be bonuses in her life, because God forbid that can be taken away from you at any minute of any day. And then what are you left with? You have to be satisfied, especially as a woman, it’s important to feel that you have charge of your own life. And I really want to make sure Brooke has that again so that she can have the total package. That’s possible in the land of make believe.

Sophia Bush’s last wishes for Brooke  (via queensophiadavis)